“A Labrador Retriever leaps up and grabs a weather reporter’s microphone from her grasp during live TV weather report.” (It looks like a mature golden retriever to me, not a lab.)

OK, pet videos aren’t my thing, but I got soft because this is cute. The “pitch” above buries the lede, which is the hilarious chase when the reporter tries to get the mic back and the dog just takes off with her in furious pursuit. It definitely needs Yakety Sax.

It was so snowy in Detroit that he didn’t know the ball had left the park!

By the way, Miggy should finish the season with 3,000 hits and 500 homers. Only six players in history have done that. Nobody had ever done it until 1970, when Mays and Aaron crossed the finish line together, but it has become more commonplace in today’s slugging game.

A-Rod 3115/696
Mays 3283/660
Aaron 3771/755
Pujols 3236/662
Palmiero 3020/569
Murray 3255/504

Aaron is the only one with 3500/600, and he easily cleared that bar.