Gonzaga only lost one this year – the wrong one.

Helluva sad way to end such a glorious season. Baylor was ahead 9-0 at the outset, and 33-14 at one point. Gonzaga was not competitive in this game, largely because Baylor totally owned the glass, with a massive 38-22 edge in rebounding, including an overwhelming 16-5 edge on the offensive boards. That means Baylor was often taking two shots and holding Gonzaga to one. That happened so regularly that the Zags only managed 49 shots in the entire game, to Baylor’s 67.

Regarding a previous post – a still from the set of Marlowe – two commenters noted that her breasts appear to be prosthetic in this scene. I never gave it any thought before, but after viewing the scene in HD today, I am inclined to agree. It is not completely obvious from the stills below, but her breasts do not seem to move like soft flesh when viewed in motion.

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This is her website, which is replete with nudes

This is her Wikipedia entry, but if you really want to learn about her, go to the German version and use the translate utility. The German version describes some of the court cases involving her habit of walking around naked in public versus the police’s general lack of tolerance for such monkeyshines.

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