Marisa Tomei and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman perform a very convincing sex scene in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007)

2007? Was that really 14 years ago?

This scene earned Marisa second place among our Top Nude Scenes of 2007, and she came right back the next year with another second among the Top Nude Scenes of 2008 for her appearance in The Wrestler.

Only three women have managed to finish in the top two in consecutive years.

  • As noted above, Marisa Tomei in 2007-2008
  • Anna Paquin in 20082009, for the first two seasons of True Blood
  • Jennifer Connelly in 19961997, for Mulholland Falls and Inventing the Abbots

One more

She plays women’s beach handball. As I’ve noted before, the prefix “women’s beach” indicates a great spectator sport irrespective of the subsequent noun. I probably would channel-surf past the Superbowl to watch women’s beach parcheesi or women’s beach croquet. Naked or near-naked women can make any televised game or sport watchable.

Possibly excepting bowling.

New pics 04/09: (If you don’t see pics here, this link should work)

Garance Marillier in “Madame Claude”:

Mylène Jam-Panoi in “Madame Claude”:

Leah O’Prey in “Madame Claude”:

Léa Rostain in “Madame Claude”:

Regina Anikiy in “Madame Claude”:

Joelle Luthi in “Love me tender”:

French version, with extensive comments)

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