It was a year when most people had not seen any of the nominees and totally didn’t care about the Oscars. I had seen all the “Best Picture” nominees (and most of the others in other categories) and didn’t really love any of them. (Well, OK, I did love Mank, but I suppose that’s only because I’m a film nerd. My girlfriend just hated it, and her family gave up on it after ten minutes.) I suppose Nomadland was a fair choice – as good a choice as any of the others. Frankly, I liked News of the World better than the nominated films, and I liked Loren’s The Life Ahead better than any of the nominated “international” films. That probably says more about me than about the films. I did like the animated winner, Soul, but I haven’t seen the other animated films, since I have no intention of watching something called Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie.

There was only one major award that I didn’t expect. The late Chad Boseman was expected to win the award for the best actor in a leading role, and was a prohibitive betting favorite. The actual winner was Tony Hopkins. As much as I love Boseman’s versatile body of work, I have to agree with this decision. Hopkins, that old goat, nailed that role shut and shipped it to Mt. Olympus. I also support the Oscar for the screenplay of that film, which was impressive in its ability to convey the main character’s confusion through his own POV (which was also confusing to the audience, but I guess that was the point).

Glenn Close tied Peter O’Toole’s record for the most nominations without a win, at eight.