Khloe shows off

3 thoughts on “Khloe shows off

  1. This is what our society has devolved into. Mindless, talentless L.A. idiots, famous for no good reason, taking narcissistic selfies standing in front of mirrors clutching their boobs while stupid music plays.

    1. As the good lord intended.

      Setting the snark aside for a minute … I agree with you in general. In this case, however, there are some nuances that I didn’t mention in my original post, so maybe that’s on me for not putting the post in proper context.

      Khloe took a lot of internet body-shaming over an unflattering bikini pic that got widely circulated. People were raggin’ on her because that pic looked so different from the hand-picked, heavily filtered and Photoshopped selfies that she offers the world as her official public face.

      So with this little selfie video she was showing the world, “Hey, give me a break. I look pretty damned good, even without Photoshop.”

      I thought about presenting that story with the post on Other Crap, but ultimately I figured it was just a sexy little video on its own.

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