Audra Lynn naked in the timeless film treasure, Epic Movie (2007)

5 thoughts on “Audra Lynn naked in the timeless film treasure, Epic Movie (2007)

  1. According to IMDB, this film has a PG-13 rating. There is no way the scene above could be in a PG-13 film, so I assume that the pics are from the special edition Director’s Cut. Glad to know that the director’s original vision of this classic is somehow preserved.

    BTW, the movie has an impressive 2.4 rating on IMDB. What is the delay in the sequel?

    1. The same scene is in the PG-13 version, but she is wearing a bikini.

      I don’t even know if it is possible to see the PG-13 version any longer. In the unlikely event you wanted to see it, I don’t know where you’d look. I think only the unrated version was released on disc and is available on Cinemax and Amazon Prime.)

      1. I hate to be one of “those guys” but I would say you are incorrect to say this is available on “Amazon Prime.” When one says “Amazon Prime” to me that implies that if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, it would be free. I am an Amazon Prime member but they want me to pay $14.99 to “buy” this film…it is not available as a rental. So it is available on Amazon, not Amazon Prime.

        And btw, I would only consider paying $14.99 to watch it if, for that fee, the actress depicted above would recreate that scene live in my living room, for as many takes as I desired, and looking the exact same as she does in these pics.

  2. and since she’s coming out of a closet and this is one of those “comedies”, pretty fair bet that the next scene cuts to a literal rug being munched and/or donuts being bumped. NOT complaining though, any movie that gets this chick naked deserves Oscars for directing and cinematography.

    1. …not production design, though. Hey Hollywood brain-geniuses: next time put a mirror inside the closet door and we’ll be able to see her ass! This isn’t rocket surgery!

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