First look: Lily James as Pam Anderson

8 thoughts on “First look: Lily James as Pam Anderson

  1. All these Instagram posts are now asking for a log in. What’s up with that?

    1. I can’t duplicate that. (I guess I’m already permanently logged in for some reason. I have an Instagram account that I’ve never used. Somehow I have 29 followers – but have made 0 posts.)

      1. Depending on when you created your account, Facebook gave IG carte blanche to your contacts, and via FB notified them that you had created an IG account.

        I’ve never posted, and more than a third of my FB friends are IG followers. And I haven’t even logged into my FB account in almost three years (no point in deleting it — it’s well accepted now that they don’t actually delete anything).

        1. That explains why I have followers to an IG feed I’ve never used or advertised. I do use Facebook from time to time for family and classmate contacts. When Facebook told my Facebook friends that I had opened an IG account, some of them must have clicked on “follow.”

          I don’t remember when I created that IG account, but it was a long, long time ago.

  2. at least we know she doesn’t shy around nudity, however, i am guessing they are going to put prosthetic implants on her.

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