I need to check your blood pressure. Better get naked.

A certain Barbara Klein (aka Barbi Benton, Hef’s long-time girlfriend) in the unforgettable screen romance, Hospital Massacre (1981).

This film, by the way, was directed by Boaz Davidson, the same guy who created The Last American Virgin, a pretty good youthploitation film which was a remake of his earlier Israeli film, Eskimo Limon.

Hospital Massacre was nowhere near his worst film. That would probably be Going Bananas (2.7 at IMDb), a film starring Dom DeLuise and Jimmie (Dy-No-Mite) Walker with a premise so preposterous that it defies summary. IMDb gives it the ol’ college try: “While on vacation in a fictitious African country, the young son of a US senator, his guardian and their guide must stop the corrupt local police chief and the shady owner of a local circus from capturing their new friend – a talking ape.” Going Bananas was probably adapted from a Eugene O’Neill play, or possibly the work of the Bard of Avon himself.

3 thoughts on “I need to check your blood pressure. Better get naked.

  1. I’m thinking the Doc ask Barbi to get naked for the blood pressure check to check his own blood pressure, not hers. If that didn’t send his blood pressure off the charts, he would have been near death.

  2. Sounds more like Ionesco to me. Maybe he did the screenplay under a pseudonym? I’ve never heard that he and Dom DeLuise were big pals, but I’ve never heard that they weren’t, either. That’s practically a Hunter-Biden-laptop level proof right there.

    1. Actually, you could probably convince me that there was an Ionesco play with that plot summary if you just tweak it a bit.

      Back in my stage days I acted in The Bald Soprano. It is very difficult to create the right tone to stage his works. I decided to play my part totally straight, as if everything I said, saw and did made perfect sense, but some of my fellow performers kinda went full Stooges on it, and the director refused to commit to either approach. I still have no idea how Ionesco intended it to be presented.

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