Ginger Grant nip-slip

I think this scene in Hell Riders (1984) is the only time we got a kinda clear look at Tina Louse’s nipple.

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She was briefly topless in Mean Dog Blues (1978), but the camera angles prevented us from seeing any of the best stuff. Maybe a brief flash of nipple. Maybe not.

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Her only other nudity wasn’t really with mentioning, but for the record, it was a one-frame flash of plumber’s crack in The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

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Tina Louise had always been openly unhappy with Gilligan’s Island, which she considered to be beneath her dignity. I have to say that her overall level if dignity must have sunk somewhat by 1984, because compared to the cast of Hell Riders, the cast of Gilligan’s Island seems like a combination of the Mercury Theater and the Royal Shakespeare Company. This is just an awful movie. It really has only about twenty minutes when anything happens, but it’s padded out to feature length by endless shots of guys riding cycles. They aren’t racing or doing anything interesting. They’re just endlessly riding, riding …

When they finally decide to ride to someplace, their destination is a small town, where they plan to terrorize the locals. They certainly picked the wrong small town, however, because this one is guarded by Batman (Adam West), who promptly kicks the crap out of the bikers’ leader, then rallies the locals to round up all their firearms and fill the rest of the pesky cyclists full of lead.

This film is dated 1984, but it seems anachronistic. Except for the ages of the two familiar stars, I would have guessed it was from 1971 because it plays out like all of the crappy biker films that filled the drive-ins in the late 60s and early 70s. Tina Louise and Adam West must have been truly desperate for work to take these roles.

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  1. She didn’t have that bad a time on Gilligan’s. Bob Denver said in his bio that she used to fuck her bf so loudly on set breaks that it kept him from getting nap time. He said there was such screaming & thumping that he got seriously pissed off, but I can’t recall if he said anything to her about it. Evidently Tina is one passionate lady.

  2. “Tina Louise clashed with producer Sherwood Schwartz because she believed that she was hired as the central character. Her character was originally written as a hard-nosed, sharp-tongued temptress, but Louise argued that this portrayal was too harsh and refused to play it as written. A compromise was reached; Louise agreed to play her as a Marilyn Monroe/Jayne Mansfield type. Her temperament reportedly made her difficult to work with, but when it came time to shoot she was a professional and did her job. Louise continued to clash with producers over her role and was the only cast member who refused to return for any of the post-series TV movies, saying that the role had killed her career as a serious actress. After many years of distancing herself from the show, she appeared in a reunion of the cast on a late-night television talk show in 1988 and on an episode of Roseanne in 1995 when the Roseanne cast re-enacted Gilligan’s Island. In the pilot episode, the character of Ginger was played by actress Kit Smythe.”

    1. Every time I saw Bob Denver or Dawn Wells talking about the show, which they did frequently, their speech was always peppered with the phrase “except Tina.”

      The cast became a close-knit family … except Tina

      The show was so much fun. We all ate and laughed together … except Tina.


      They never said anything bad about her, and they praised her professionalism once the cameras were rolling, but they made it clear that she was an outsider, and that it was her decision to remain so.

  3. 1.Not sure if Tina Louise and Adam West were desperate for work or not. From the IMDB trivia section, it mentioned they were each paid $10,000 for one day’s work. They both were in the movie a good deal, so they were shot in close up and their work was spliced in with the characters they were interacting with. $10,000 for a day’s work isn’t a bad gig.

    2.The story of how Gilligan’s Island was canceled after its third season is fairly well known, there was supposed to be a fourth season. Anyway, a few years ago I saw on some website the alleged plot outlines for the season four episodes and, in one of the episodes, Ginger Grant was separately rescued and was replaced by two other newly shipwrecked women.

    Other than that, the *highlight* of the fourth season would have ben Gilligan getting a pet dinosaur. When Sherwood Schwartz first proposed the concept to CBS, one of the confused network executives apparently said something like “But, what would they do for is the series stuck on a deserted island? Couldn’t they at least have a pet dinosaur?”

    1. Far more detail about their efforts can be found here.

      The entire film was shot in ten days with a total budget of $80,000, a quarter of which went to hire Batman and Ginger.

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