Jamie Chung sex scene (.gif)

Jamie Chung in episode six of Lovecraft Country

This finished #4 in last year’s balloting for the Best Nude Scene of 2020, and I think you can fairly argue that it should have been even higher. It was seeded #2 in the preliminary balloting, but when we got down to the final round, there was essentially a four-way tie for second and Jamie was just below two of the others.

3 thoughts on “Jamie Chung sex scene (.gif)

  1. My pick for scene of the year.

    Excellent scene.
    First time nude appearance of fairly well known actress.
    Explicit, lengthy scene.

    Definitely should have been 1 or 2.

    1. Among the finalists, I would have picked it as #2 behind DeAngelis. (I wasn’t as excited about Winslet and Ronan as many of our voters seemed to be.)

      1. Only because Ronan trumped Chung in one category, former child star, did that scene win. It’s not as good of a scene by any definition, the exposure just plain sucks by comparison, and we’ve seen Winslet so many times I’m convinced I could sculpt her from memory and I’m not an artist.

        As for your #1 pick, well, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. A random actress nude, even well lit, over that Chung scene? Um, no.

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