Nostalgia: Emmanuelle (1974) in 2160hd

I have yet to be impressed by any 2160uhd transfers, and this is no exception. While this “fully remastered” version looks better than any previous version of this classic erotic film, the individual screen grabs still basically make it seem that the film has been upsized from a sharper, smaller version.

Here are a few samples to give you the idea.

Sylvia Kristel

image host

Kristel and Jeanne Colletin

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Christine Boisson’s iconic scene.
(She pleasures herself to an image of Paul Newman.)

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2 thoughts on “Nostalgia: Emmanuelle (1974) in 2160hd

  1. Somewhat OT, but regarding UHD:

    UHD transfers have too many dependencies, IMNSHO.

    They *can* look absolutely incredible. See ALIEN or 2001, for instance. However, to get that image, you need:

    – a LARGE OLED (75″+) that is Dolby Vision and/or HDR10+ capable,
    – a UHD player that will pass audio / video unmolested,
    – a receiver that will pass audio / video unmolested,
    – a UHD disc that was mastered with Dolby Vision / HDR10+ by someone * who doesn’t “pump” the colors” * and knows what they are doing.

    I’ve been both Alien and 2001 in a theater in 70MM. The UHDs of both are absolutely true to my memory of seeing them in the theater. No compression artifacts or visible digital manipulation. Just a close to perfect representation of film presented digitally. No other format I’ve ever seen comes close to the same level of reproduction.

    Just my .02, and I’ve been watching movies on disc since the late 70’s, and still have a working laserdisc player.

  2. Emmanuelle was the first “adult” film I ever saw at the cinema and I think that’s why I have always had a soft spot for Sylvia Kristel.

    She was a very beautiful woman. It’s very sad that she had such a fraught life and that she died so relatively young.

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