Sandra Drzymalska topless (.gif)

Sandra Drzymalska in season one of Sexify, a new Netflix original in Polish.

Netflix must have an unlimited amount of money if they can create a new series for the language that ranks 33rd in the number of native speakers.

(It’s 8th among European languages. That’s a bit misleading, While Portuguese, English and Spanish are European languages, they place very high on this list because of the number of speakers elsewhere. Portugal is not a large country, with a population about the same size as the Chicago metropolitan area, but Portuguese actually places 6th in the world when the languages are ranked by the number of native speakers! Thanks, Brazil.)

2 thoughts on “Sandra Drzymalska topless (.gif)

  1. Not only does Netflix create stuff for Poland, there’s been quite a Renaissance of polish media. Many of their series and movies are really good and getting international notice. A bunch of the Netflix serial killer shows from Poland are super good.

  2. With scenes like that, they could film it in Dalmatian and still attract viewers.

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