Billie Eilish is all-in on her new persona

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5 thoughts on “Billie Eilish is all-in on her new persona

  1. It’s not really a persona. She just hit 18 and decided she wanted to embrace her sexuality. Before that it felt creepy to her, to make money off her body, so she covered up. Now, not so much, she’s going to just be herself, and herself is a curvy short girl with a lot up top and a lot in back.

    Turns out the day glo hair was a wig. She grew her own hair out, this is her natural color.

    Everything else? She’s in a better place than she was when she made the last record. Less darkness and horror, more primary colors and bright themes. Probably won’t make people happy that are used to the videos dealing with her phobias and the dark lyrics. She really doesn’t give a fuck, and it’s why I respect her. Unlike almost every teen artist in her position in history, she’s doing what she wants, how she wants. Total creative control. If it sells, cool. If not, she’s got more money than she’ll ever spend and zero addictions to waste it on.

    1. Well, her eyebrows are much darker. I would’ve thought that she bleached her hair blonde instead of growing out her natural hair color.

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