Robey topless in Play Nice (1992)

She speaks four languages and her talents cut across many different professions. You may remember that she had a hit single in 1996 as the vocalist on a remake of “One Night in Bangkok.” She had previously been a high-level professional model, and was also a TV star in the Friday the 13th series. Her Twitter page says that she’s also a writer and illustrator, and that she is the “Countess of Burford, mother of the future Duke of St.Alban’s.”

The late Hankster, one of our most prolific contributors, loved her performance in Play Nice, and did a massive tribute:

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Where is she now?

She Tweeted in March, “Living quietly in a remote location away from cameras.”

5 thoughts on “Robey topless in Play Nice (1992)

  1. She wrote me this on FB 10 years ago. I haven’t talked to her since. I had asked her if she knew she was in Celebrity Sleuth all the time, back in the day. Dunno if she ever made the film with McDowell.

    “HHHHHHHM….never heard of this mag….I did a beautiful Playboy edition and it took a year for them to convince me….as an actress….Called”Warrior Women.” I had control..they got my costumes, horses and all… made for all sorts of historical women and we had buses as far as the redwood trees up to northern Cali…..took two weeks and very imaginative by all……what’s this other thing…I’m soon leading in a film with Malcolm Mcdowell [ A Clockwork Orange”…..lifelong musician/songwriter etc…working with my old bandmate Phil Harding who is a top producer and just works for fun….he’s PWL on my friends list….that’s his book…’d find it interesting…Cheers Louise”

    1. When did she work in a Playboy edition? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen those pics.

      1. No idea. I googled “warrior women” Playboy and didn’t get a result on the 1st page. I’m guessing she meant it was some photo feature, possibly in a special edition, in which various B-celebs dressed up as strong women from history.

          1. I’m surprised it took her a year to agree to that. As for the McDowell film, she hasn’t had an IMDB credit since ’92, so I guess that fell through, lol.

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