When Erika appeared on the scene, many scoffed at her acting abilities, and nobody could have predicted that she would have a 40-year career in films. Well, she hasn’t taken any roles away from Kate Winslet, but she’s been in 30+ films and a bunch of TV shows, and is still at it at 53. She is filming one more movie at the moment, and has two more in pre-production. So take that, you scoffers.

More to the point of this post, she was just lava-hot in this film!

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Astros reach 3rd World Series in 5 seasons

The Red Sox could only manage two hits against Luis Garcia and the Houston relievers. It was sweet revenge for Garcia, who was shellacked by the Sox in game 2. (He faced only eight batters and gave up five earned runs.)

Yordan Alvarez was the series MVP with a .522 batting average capped by Friday’s 4-for-4 with three extra-base knocks. The big slugger is only 24 and appears headed for major stardom.

There’s no telling what he’ll do.

Snark aside, here are new details:

1. It was a rehearsal. (The gun should have been totally empty, and in fact, Baldwin was told just that – that it was a “cold gun.”)

2. “Before Thursday’s shooting, some crew members quit the production over concerns related to safety issues — including gun safety procedures and Covid-19 protocols not being followed, according to the Los Angeles Times and other media reports.” This happened before the fatal incident: “A colleague was so alarmed by the prop gun misfires that he sent a text message to the unit production manager. ‘We’ve now had 3 accidental discharges. This is super unsafe.'” (The LA Times has been well ahead of everyone else on this story.)

3. It seems that a single discharge of the gun caused both injuries. “The projectile whizzed by the camera operator but penetrated Hutchins near her shoulder, then continued through to Souza.”

4. So far, I have not seen a report of precisely what was in that discharged chamber.