Sydney Sweeney in pink lingerie

I don’t know whether her career has legs or is just 15 minutes of fame.

But even if it is the latter, it is a glorious 15 minutes.

4 thoughts on “Sydney Sweeney in pink lingerie

  1. I thought you were starting to say, “I don’t know if her career has legs…but she sure does.”

  2. I’m going to guess it’s closer to 15 minutes than not, at least as an actress getting anything close to decent roles. As fantastic as she looks, the truth of the matter is that she’s a very mediocre actress at best.

    That being said, in the age of “influencers” and bikini models as Instagram celebrities, I don’t doubt she has a long career with that body. But as a B-List actress? Nope. Of course, I suppose that still beats working for a living.

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