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Inside the weird, wild and controversial 13th inning of Rays-Red Sox ALDS Game 3.”

Thanks to a bizarre facet of the ever-arcane baseball rules, a Sox outfielder was rewarded for fucking up. If he had controlled the ball, a run would have scored, but because he booted it over the fence unintentionally, the runners were entitled to just two bases from the time of the pitch. The umpiring crew got the call right, but it’s a strange situation and a tough break for the Rays, who are now eliminated.

Here is the play in detail:

Max Scherzer must be wondering what the hell he has to do to get a W.

He pitched 7 innings, give up only three hits, struck out ten, and handed the ball over to his relievers who were even more brilliant, allowing nothing at all. Unfortunately for the Dodgers’ pitchers, the Dodgers’ batters kinda took the day off, so Evan Longoria’s solo homer held up for a 1-0 Giants victory.

You probably already know this, but Kiké Hernandez had the game of a lifetime on Friday (and kept it going Saturday).

He had five hits, including three doubles and a homer. That tied the record for most hits in a post-season game, and made him the only member of the franchise ever to slash four extra-base hits in a post-season game. The Red Sox had a total of 20 hits in that game.

Kiké followed up that game with three hits, including another homer, on Saturday, giving him seven consecutive hits overall. He then capped his series by delivering the walk-off blow to eliminate the Rays on Monday.

11 thoughts on “Three quick baseball links

  1. Really, his parents named him Kike? Must have been a bitch to find a novelty mini license plate for his bike at the Disney giftshop. That’s as bad as Bort.

    1. Well, his parents named him Enrique.

      When I re-read my post I thought it looked offensive, but I was too lazy to type the Spanish é.

      It’s Kiké (kee-KAY). I think I’ll correct it.

  2. Hey Scoop, I think you’d like those Jomboy videos on YouTube. He mostly does commentary on certain baseball plays, and this one came up too. It’s very funny and he’s an excellent lip reader.

    1. Great tip! Thanks.

      I added that one to my original post and bookmarked the channel for future reference.

    1. I love the whole “they’re catching up to the Yankees” thing. One title in the last 20 years. And lapped by the Red Sox. Throwing money didn’t work. Not throwing money (relatively) isn’t working either. And the most famous employee of the Boras Corp. not making it through the third – glorious.
      Now if only the Canadiens could crank it up again. But unfortunately Jean Beliveau is not going to be walking through that particular door.

      1. I agree they need to change organization at top and until they realize it there won’t be any titles if they would stick to their minors they would be fine but they go after high priced players who take money and don’t produce Stanton is a fine example .Lemaeiu is another one year and didn’t produce this year.

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