Rittenhouse: not guilty on all charges

Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and injured Gaige Grosskreutz, who was 26 at the time. Rittenhouse testified that he had fired in self-defense.

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  1. Michael McChesney wrote:
    “But if the police and if necessary the national guard can’t protect a community they are in effect inviting in vigilantes. Just to be clear, I am not condoning vigilantes. But they are a foreseeable result when people feel the government is not protecting them”

    I agree with this, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that individuals need to take the law into their own hands to deal with the Trump cult, especially those defying subpoenas, and with white collar criminals. The law has shown many times that it is biased in favor of the genuine elite to the point where it seems it can not be repaired, and will not deal with the elites in the former Trump Administration and with white collar criminals like polluting corporations, starting with, for instance, the Koch Brothers corporations and with Rupert Murdoch owned businesses.

    1. Oh, heavens, Adam Tondowsky, McM’s remarks apply only to the uncontrollable violence unleashed by the BLM movement! People on the right are just exercising their various rights, like the right to travel to a disturbance miles away from your home with the biggest gun you can get and then feel threatened. Nobody should be punished for that.

      I believe that the Supreme Court will soon hand out a bulletin of some sort saying that any shooting of any BLM marcher is an act of self defense, just like whatever it was they did that made the Texas anti-abortion law peachy keen. Oh, maybe if a state passes a law putting a bounty on BLM marchers! Apparently that makes things consitituional.

  2. no one is talking about the other side of this, those convicted criminals went to kenosha, caused damage, started fires, made trouble, carried weapons there. They were the trouble makers looking to start things. was that promoted in the Media? why not? Sweep that under the rug. use the “Victims” to represent the cause and use them to promote what ever issue that’s going on, put blame on other things. The Media refuses to mention those people who got shot were the real perpetrators, but no one cares to mention that.

  3. I somehow got my named placed several years ago on a right wing politician fundraising email list (David Dewhurst was the first.) I don’t think it’s exclusively on the right, but these email lists get sold around.

    So, I just received this from Wendy Rittenhouse:

    Kyle was just ACQUITTED and is now officially FREE!

    This was a victory for the truth, for justice, and for every American’s God-given and unalienable right of self-defense.

    We are so overcome with emotion, and as hard as that was, we are thankful.

    We are thankful for the millions of Americans who stood with Kyle from the start.

    We are thankful for the many others who watched the trial with an open mind, realized that they had been lied to for a year and a half, and spoke out.

    And we are thankful to the jury which put aside bias, considered the facts, and came to the right decision.

    Now, we will try to return to something that resembles a normal life, however that requires one more major push to settle our case-related debts and pay off what we hope will be our final legal bills.

    So please, take all that positive energy I know you’re feeling and make an urgent donation to help us close this very ugly chapter in our lives.

    Any funds left over will be transferred into Kyle’s scholarship fund so that he’ll be able to graduate from college debt-free.

    You’ll be hearing from us again, but for now, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    With love,

    Wendy Rittenhouse

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