“A teenager’s dreams come true when a former porn star (Elisha Cuthbert) moves in next door and they fall in love.” Sung Hi Lee and Amanda Swisten play some of the girl’s porn colleagues. Cuthbert did not do a nude scene, but she did wear a thong.

That could be a fun premise, but it is not a fun movie. In my review, shown in full below the jump, I described it as “Risky Business with with moments of dark, ominous, and sometimes very ugly tone shifts, and at least two other elements which put a lot of emotional distance between the film and its audience.”

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Camila Queiroz & Agatha Moreira in a lesbian scene in Verdades Secretas (Brazilian series, 2021, s2e49).

The blonde looks a lot like Melanie Griffith in Body Double. The link above is a one-minute version of a much longer scene. (By the way, it can be downloaded with sound via right click. Here is the extended version (five and a half minutes).

Here he is, fucking one of the reindeer. Ah, the innocent treasures of antiquity!

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This is one reindeer game Rudolph didn’t mind missing. Of course ol’ Eros seems to come up a little short in the shorts, so maybe the reindeer didn’t even notice.

One related thought, concerning Eros Ramazzotti: that seems to be his given name, not a stage name. When you name your kid “Eros” you’re really rolling the dice, aren’t you? It’s a decent conversation starter if the little nipper grows up to look like RegΓ©-Jean Page or the late Paul Walker, but it’s really a cruel joke if the kid ends up looking like Clint Howard.

“Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is now appearing to reverse course on the probe and saying its findings are β€œsomething the public needs to know.””

Stone said he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination “to every question” they asked him. Don’t they start by asking his name? How can that incriminate him?

(Now that I think about it, admitting “I am Roger Stone” is an admission that you are someone with seven felony convictions, so maybe he has a point.)

It’s basically a 1980s-style low-budget horror/schlock film – some humor, some slashing, some bad acting – with Betsey Brown taking on the usual Linnea Quigley duties. I watched a few minutes and gave up because it seemed to be filmed by eighth graders, with line readings about equivalent to local furniture store owners doing their own commercials. Your mileage may vary significantly, because some critics really liked it, and it won the Best First Feature prize at the 2021 Berlin International Film Festival.

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