A 19-year-old South Florida man charged with cyberstalking after allegedly threatening to leak nude images of Florida state Sen. Lauren Book.

She confirmed that the pics were legit: “Book filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after getting multiple text messages from an unknown number on Nov. 12, including two nude pictures that Book sent only to a close friend.”

Update: I think I had misunderstood this situation. I originally had assumed that the kid had somehow obtained some exclusive content of some kind, but now it seems that there was an avalanche of nude material hitting the internet, and this kid just happened to have a couple of the gazillion nude pics and explicit videos circulating around. Apparently he did not hack or originate material. He simply was one of many people with some leaked material, and he tried to turn that into a profit with a meaningless blackmail scheme. I will argue for “meaningless” because even if she had paid him and he had subsequently surrendered whatever he had, it would have made no difference. Pandora’s Box had already opened. The Phun site alone has unearthed a couple dozen videos and many pics, many of them XXX explicit. The Phun thread can be found here.

9 thoughts on “A 19-year-old South Florida man charged with cyberstalking after allegedly threatening to leak nude images of Florida state Sen. Lauren Book.

  1. There are a gazillion nude pictures and videos of Florida state legislator Brooks hiutting the Internet, or a gazillion general pictures and videos of her, a few of which are nudes? Sorry if I am being dense.

    1. Her set dropped a couple days ago. She was probably hacked 2/3/4 yrs ago. Suffice it to say everyone has been hacked including the Pentagon iow the interweb cloud(s) aren’t and will never be safe. <<>>

      Her set has been teased for @ a yr. Yielding back the balance of my time …

      1. A good rule of thumb is this: if you place a picture on the internet and anyone wants to see it, everyone will see it eventually.

        Or in simpler terms – if you place a picture on the internet – it’s on the fucking internet.

        Caveat postor.

  2. From reading her wikipedia biography Senator Book seems like a very impressive person. The fact that she immediately contacted law enforcement when that piece of filth tried to blackmail her says a lot as well. It’s refreshing to come across politicians of good character even when you disagree with them politically. Something that hopefully both Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that the attempted blackmailer should have the book thrown at him. Senator Book is actually the Florida Senate Minority Leader. Something else Democrats and Republicans can hopefully agree on is that under no circumstances do any of us want to see similar pictures of Mitch McConnell released!

  3. From Wikipedia…

    “Book was sexually abused as a child over the course of six years by her nanny. She developed anorexia as a result of the sexual abuse. In 2002, the nanny pled guilty to five felony charges and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, later extended to 25 years. Book created a charity, Lauren’s Kids, in 2007 to fight for stronger penalties for sex offenders.”

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