Senator, after being called a moron by Fauci, proves Fauci was right!

“A GOP senator who was called a ‘moron’ by Dr. Fauci is planning to introduce the FAUCI Act, which will require financial records for administrative officials to be public”

Only one slight problem with that … Roger Marshall was such a moron that he didn’t realize that they already are public! Here is Fauci’s info, if you’re interested. It took me less than 15 seconds to find what Marshall said his staff was unable to find. Any more recent filings are available upon request.

Of course, there is another problem with passing financial disclosure legislation – guys like Sen. Roger Marshall just feel free to ignore the laws!

Ah, the irony.

13 thoughts on “Senator, after being called a moron by Fauci, proves Fauci was right!

  1. Republicans, as always, are the kings of projection. Whatever they accuse others of doing, you can be *sure* they’re doing themselves.

  2. Marshall is just protecting his right flank. Keep in mind, he was originally an establishment Republican who supported John Kasich for President. He also defeated Kris Kobach, the ultra-right winger in the Republican primary for the Senate. Just last year, he released a commercial with a group of Republican doctors touting the safety of the vaccine. Bashing Fauci is an easy way to score points with the ultra-right wing, which has always been suspicious of him.

    1. Bashing Fauci is just political.

      But introducing a law that already exists – now that is the work of a special needs guy.

    2. Where you see Kris Kobach the ultra-right winger, I see Kris Kobach the incompetent feeb. Marshall, by beating him, didn’t so much clear a bar as walk on over a bar that was buried three feet deep. If you want to insist he’s imitating a moron instead of actually being one, go ahead.

      1. Kobach did such a great job finding voter fraud on Trump’s joke panel after 2016 that he convinced the #2 on the panel, who came on board believing in all that nonsense, that there actually was no such thing.

      2. Then there’s the time he got photographed waving around his “secret evil plan, year one” and you could zoom in and read it.
        And wasn’t he the one who fucked up Kansas by combining the worst parts of “run the economy more like a business” and “starve the beast”?

  3. Marshall was my congressman, and now my senator. The man is nothing other than a trumpbot. It disgusts me that he is what represents me in Washington D.C.

  4. How depressing. Marshall is in the top 10% of GOP senators/congresspeople in terms of intelligence and ethical conduct, too.

    1. You know what amazes me about this? I’ve seen some really dumb guys who got through law school, and some really dumb guys with Ph.Ds, but it is new to me that a guy this dumb could make it through medical school.

      1. The hardest part is getting in – after that, rote memorization will largely carry the day, and medical schools go to incredible lengths to keep students in (and paying tuition) once they’re admitted.

        1. In a way you have to admire him. Out of high school, he either couldn’t get into college or couldn’t get a scholarship to pay for college, so he went to community college. To go from that point to a medical degree says something about his work ethic, because he obviously wasn’t skating through on his native brainpower.

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