Aya Wolf – apparently unsimulated sex in Mia (2017)

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10 thoughts on “Aya Wolf – apparently unsimulated sex in Mia (2017)

  1. If you speak Spanish, you can watch the full short film here.

    Those two people wrote the film. And they also wrote and directed this one (sorry, no nudity and they don’t act in it):

  2. And who doesn’t want to watch a beautiful woman act like a common whore. I think I can live without these skanks. Don’t really get the fun of watching women have sex with other men.

    1. May I ask why she is a common whore and a skank and the man is just other men? They are both being paid to have sex.

    2. I bet these women can live without you, too, Stick. Just a guess on my part, but I’d put some money on it.

      And not every guy is into women. Theres’s nothing wrong with that, these days.

  3. And then actors go on talk shows and they’ll talk about how long or arduous their days are making a movie…

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