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Bill Zebub’s Indie Director is structured more like a real, honest to goodness, according to Hoyle movie than Scienceless Fiction, but it is far more boring because it has less nekkid-babe time and far more senseless conversation on a couch between two guys who none of us would find interesting unless one or both of them were billionaires looking for someone to take several million pesky dollars off their hands.

While watching this one, I figured out what makes Bill run. Or tick. He strives to be the Bill Laimbeer of movie making. Laimbeer was a huge white guy who played center for the Pistons when they won back-to-back NBA championships by physically intimidating opponents. They were a team chock full of assholes and Laimbeer was the head asshole who made all the other assholes work better together. He had limited physical skills – the joke in the age of Air Jordans was that if he had come out with his own shoes, they would have been called Floor Laimbeers – but he made up for his limitations by playing the game with a viciousness no one had seen before. As he aged and his few basketball skills began to desert him, Laimbeer grew increasingly physical in an attempt to stay in the game. Bill Zebub wants to be Bill Laimbeer. What he lacks in cinematic skill and comedic sense, he attempts to replace with words and acts that no one else uses. Bill is not a vile piece of shit and he is not a genius; he is simply desperate to stay in the game. He will do or say anything and then film it.

As with his other attempts at movie making, Indie Director is graceless and witless, but it does have a half-dozen nekkid babes so ya, you betcha I am going to the screen-capture the living fuck out of it.

Four women who danced around topless and said nothing in Scienceless Fiction have speaking parts in Indie Director:

Terra Incognita is in a very short scene and appears very awkward.

image host

Sheri Medulla is in a few short-ish scenes but has some screen presence, even though this is the last of 3 movies in which she would appear.

image host image host image host image host

Stephanie Anders

image host image host image host

and Clover St. Claire are each topless in long scenes.

image host image host

The one with Ms. Anders is mostly a single take, shot for more than 4 minutes with a stationary camera, which is not Bill’s usual style.

New to the proceedings are:

Tiffany Loretta Carroll (aka Loretta Vendetta) as an actress wannabe in a single scene;

image host

and Angelina Leigh, who plays Bill’s GF in a handful of scenes. Looks to me that Angelina is quite proud of her tasty hoots and I gotta say I do not blame her one bit.

image host image host image host image host

Even though this movie doesn’t get close to the level of despicable seen and heard in Scienceless Fiction, it has an obtrusive soundtrack, filled exclusively with death metal (or something like it, to the ear of an uninitiated gringo). Bill hates rap so much he made a movie and titled it Rap Sucks. That is precisely the way lots of folks feel about metal.

Bottom line here: I am done watching Bill Zebub’s movies for anything other than the women he convinces to undress by promising them a role in a real movie. So far as his place in cinematic history is concerned, I am both ignorant and apathetic: I do not know and I do not care.


I also assembled frame grabs from the extended version of Indie Director. I complained above about the smaller than usual screen time spent by women in some state of undress. Well, Bill filmed a lot more, either in scenes he cut or with a second camera that gives us a different and sometimes better view of a scene. Since I have spent too much of my life working with the original version, all I did for the extended scenes was grab a frame or two.

The star of these extended views was Stephanie Anders in a 8-minute-long clip.

image host

Angelina Leigh

image host image host image host

Sheri Medulla

image host

Terra Incognita

image host

Tiffany Loretta Carroll

image host

3 thoughts on “Brainscan takes a look at another Bill Zebub movie

  1. Laimbeer was loathsome. Someone who actually went out of his way to step on a broken foot. Most deserving punch out in the history of the NBA with the possible exception of Kent Benson. Don’t mess with the Chief.
    Is Bill Zebub really that loathsome?

    1. I have never seen one of his movies. I do like his titles

      Obviously, he is deliberately transgressive, with film titles like “Jesus, the Total Douchebag.” Courting controversy through offensiveness is his publicity technique, and insulting Jesus is one of his go-to moves.

  2. I think you nailed it right there. The guy loves making movies.

    I mean, I’m pretty sure the guy made a movie about killer boogers at one point.

    Pretty sure a friend of mine was in that one, too.

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