After this ruling (Dobbs v. Jackson), about half of the states will enact near-total bans of abortion.

For example:

The Texas attorney general says abortion is now illegal in the state. He has given his staff the day off to celebrate and has declared June 24 an annual holiday for his office.

Fortunately, Texas has no other problems, allowing the police to spend all of their time arresting physicians and pregnant women.

Unless I am seeing something incorrectly, she is wearing two heavy matching watches, one on each hand, and is also carrying a cell phone. She’s really into the correct time. Maybe they’re all set to different time zones, so she can correctly time her trades on the European and Asian stock markets.

Well, anyway … clicking on the pic will lead to a gallery of Bella in that flimsy pink top, with her assorted Rolexes and other time monitors.

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