Emma Watson went topless in Ibiza …

… and a billion Harry Potter fans climaxed simultaneously!

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More images from that day in higher quality

There was also an alleged topless shot of Emma in Italy two summers ago.

27 thoughts on “Emma Watson went topless in Ibiza …

    1. Someone should say this was an OK joke. Well-constructed, good for a laugh. Please accept a slap on the back from me.

  1. these photos are brand new and are absolutely real, emma has visited ibiza this week with some friends to ride horses and then play paddle and in the photos you can see how she has dyed her nails white and has changed the color of her hair to a lighter color, a pseudo blonde color, in short if you look at the detail of these two photos, emma has her nails painted white and her hair lighter as seen in the photos of her riding horses and playing paddle.

    1. Thanks. That helps. I didn’t know these details.

      I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes. In part, that’s because I, um, you know what, famous or not, actors are basically strangers. I may be curious about their private lives, but at the end of the day, I’m not a stakeholder.

  2. I’ll be the one to say – wow what a, erm, non attractive reveal.
    I mean, yeah, its Hermione Granger. But that’s about as sexually appealing as looking as a park bench or a cement wall.
    I guess you really shouldn’t meet your heroes. Or I guess in this case, see your heroines’ tits.
    Its ok, Emma, you can put those away now, I’m fine.

    1. Well, as the saying goes, Two Witches Zone. As for me, count me with the billions of climaxes.

    2. I mean, she’s a slim young woman with modest b-cup tits.

      Did you or anyone expect her to be packing some spectacular rack?

      They’re nice. She’s cute. Lot of people have waited a long time to see them because of who she is. The one nipple is a little lopsided compared to the other which is why she’s never done topless, as previously expected.

      Looks fine to me.

    3. I was never anticipating a clone of young Monica Bellucci.

      I would say she looks exactly as I expected, which is pretty good.

      Pretty damned good.

      1. agree with you on this one. she’s a beautiful lady, regardless of cup size.
        i never watched the Harry Potter movies but i’ve seen her in the news, and she seems intelligent and charismatic as well.

      2. Very pretty girl with a nice little hand or mouth full, which, from all the shots, slips, and near mises over the years, was to be expected.

      3. Those are pretty damn nice looking modest-sized breasts if you ask me. Of course she’s no Daddario or E-Rat but then who is? But the site bodymeasurements.org claims she is an A-cup. Can that be correct? Looks bigger than an A to me.

    4. Maybe some guys don’t like smaller breasts at all, but she looks good to me. Cute girl and they fit her body well. I’ll take them over almost all implants.

    5. I want to take another run at this. It’s been kind of a pile-on, so far, from the difference-of-opinion side. I want to tack a little & return to your points about expectations & putting heroes on a pedestal. It’s enjoyable, no doubt. But not a great idea, perhaps?

      Some sports sayings are relevant: “On any given Sunday…” & “That’s why they play the games.”

      Why do we want to look at what’s hidden? What if it always turned out to look just like we imagined? We could 3D print that. It’s already the real thing. What’s the point of catching a glimpse of the real, real thing?

      Your hero turns out to be not the person. Really, not even, a person. That says a thing about you, not her. It’s unattractive. That’s the reason you got called out as “that guy.” That’s what you can put in your experience bank. Maybe your fantasy Emma can be in your past because that’s where she belongs.

    1. Search “emma watson yellow bikini” on google and that bottom shows up, with a black top. It appears to be a different location though, also different glasses and hair color. Given how much they zoomed in to show her bent over wearing the black top, for sure if she were topless, we’d be seeing that, then. I think she just likes that bottom!

      1. Also – In the older images she is wearing a necklace and no bracelets… here she has bracelets and no necklace.

        1. In these images her bracelets change. Although maybe one of the photos is flipped since that white bracelet appears on different wrists.

          1. Hmm. This is a specialty field called observational gemology. I nominate you both as its pioneers.

    2. Yimin Rong already having explained how it’s possible for new pictures to look familiar without compelling us to jump to such conclusions as that they must be either old or fake…

      I’ll add, WRT different location, the story reads: “En vacances a Ibiza.” Do you need a translation? So, Spain. There were some beach pix in 2020, too. Also in the Mediterranean. But, Italy.

      It’s a quandary. Does repetition make such events more likely by setting a pattern, or simply stretch our credulity past the breaking point? Heh, say I. It’s, uh, a nice problem to have, should it befall us.

  3. At this point it’s a bit surreal seeing this. And magazines are still a thing? Who knew?

    1. Kidding aside, every time I stroll into Barnes and Noble, I am shocked to see how many magazines still exist. Who buys them? Are there that many people with (a) disposable income to burn and (b) no internet.

      1. Some people need to touch what they’re reading. The feel of being able to turn a page. They also like the look of ink as opposed to digital light.

        Same reason I’m still able to sell comics. I have a lot of customers who don’t care if their comics are worth anything but they like to sit back and read. Digital simply doesn’t cut it.

        1. Thanks. That was helpful.

          Most of my active books are in my Kindle. But I still have a stack of physical books. I like them both ways.

          I take The Atlantic online. I sometimes miss the print version for the headlines. In digital, headlines have been tweaked for clicks. The original ones were clever, but maybe slightly obscure.

          In Phun someone joked about Waiting For Gadot. Some of us liked it. But literacy is an aberration over there. Not like here. Thanks to Uncle Scoopy, mostly. And y’all.

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