Leni Klum, our new poster girl

I know she’s full dressed, but she’s my new fave. What can I tell you? I already had to apologize to Daddario and Sweeney for abandoning them.

(Clicking on the pic leads to a gallery. Bonus: sexy cleavage from her mom, who’s not a bad looker herself.)

That pic she posted on Instagram was amazing!

13 thoughts on “Leni Klum, our new poster girl

  1. She may be a bit intriguing now, but wake me up when she gets naked, or at least full on topless. Then I’ll let you know if she’s worth this premature excitement.

  2. Interestingly she may be better looking when she isn’t smiling where as Sweeney is the opposite.

    1. Agree with the comment.

      Sydney’s career has come to a fork in the road. One path leads to Pam Anderson, building a lifetime of top earnings based on being sexy on TV, in films and in magazines. The other path leads to Tara Reid.

      At this moment it’s not clear which way she will turn (or be pushed)..

      1. I think there’s a third and much more palatable option: Jessica Alba. Sydney seems to be making attempts at becoming a commercial brand. I think she’s definitely smarter than Anderson and Reid, but have no idea if she has savviness on the level of Alba though.

  3. She’s the cutest and biggest tits. So I agree. She should really look incredible in a few years!

    1. Yeah, she’s so plain now. Think I’ll wait those few years to look at her again. After all, aging only improves one’s beauty

      1. lol yes she looks amazing now, I just think she will even look better in a couple years. I don’t think she will start degrading and sagging too much by 21.
        Then again Maya Hawke is 23 and her body looks like late 30’s
        So maybe it is all down hill from here. But I doubt it with her genes.
        I think Sweeney looks better now even at the old age of 24 than she did at 18. body wise she’s added some muscle and her tits are great. La Daddairo didn’t peak until close to 30. Even at 36 she her tits look better than Maya’s

        1. Makes me think of Olivia Hussey’s scenes in Romeo and Juliet. I don’t think she ever looked any better. We need Leni in a role like that. Any would-be Zeffirellis around?

      1. Yes, and more than a few get (shudder) reductions before we get a peek at the peaks, if we ever do

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