She and Maisie Williams are in a spirited competition to be the most eccentric celebrity.

“Alia Shawkat put on a very eyebrow-raising display while grabbing coffee in Los Feliz on Saturday.”(Sept 18, 2021. Details here.)

4 thoughts on “Alia Shawkat nip-slip

  1. It’s like she put a dollar’s worth of change into some old socks and taped them to her chest.

    I wanna build two little caskets and give her tits a tasteful and dignified funeral.

  2. The difference is that Maisie has an awesome, tight little body and Alicia is a very funny actress.

    1. I won’t agree or disagree with your two observations nor the other one about Shawkat’s boobies. I’d just like to add that, coming from the comedy side seems to give a leg up on the drama, but the other way around, not so much. Shawkat’s role in a miniseries, The Old Man, that has aired since the above article, showed that she can take on a totally unfunny character. She performed it superbly. Good cast, all around.

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