Best campaign slogan ever?

Presidential candidate campaigning on “marijuana and hyena testicles

The same platform McGovern used in ’72.

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  1. Since you mentioned McGovern interesting today’s political goobers brag about their military backgrounds even when they have none 😮 whereas McGovern:

    “Senator George McGovern served as a B-24 bomber pilot in World War II. Based in Italy, he flew thirty-five combat missions over Europe between 1944 and 1945.”

    But hardly anyone knew because his campaign never talked about it. Maybe it had to with the Vietnam War being so damn unpopular at that time, 1972. Regardless he was never going to defeat Nixon, the v-p fiasco notwithstanding.

    btw, my 1st vote was for McGovern so got used to disappointment at an early age. The voting age was changed to 18 in 1971. Digressing.

    Yielding back the balance of my time …

      1. Maybe because so many of McGovern’s political peers were decorated WWII veterans, it wasn’t considered such a huge bragging point at the time. Compared with two other recently-elected presidents–a five-star general and the celebrated hero of PT-109–being a “mere” B-24 bomber may have been regarded as no big whoop, not even to McGovern himself.
        And maybe, in this day and age, we’re just not used to politicians who don’t take every opportunity to crow about how gosh-darned wonderful they are.

        1. According to everything I’ve ever read McGovern was a hell of a lot more competent a pilot than Kennedy was a PT skipper, and just as brave. And you heard zilch about it in his campaign. What you did hear was “Come home America”, America being the people who went off to Canada. As a recent vet finishing up in school, I had no use for that.
          In ref to an earlier post of yours, Sandy Denny was not only great in her own right but sang for several years in a great band, Fairport Convention, which in terms of electricizing folk was like an English response to the Byrds. Decent guitarist too – Richard Thompson. When i was a senior, some of us would do impromptu mock debates after dinner for grins. One night the topic was “Resolved: Lord Donald was a sport” (see Matty Groves).
          Sandy got her share of play on my radio show.

      2. Ain’t that the truth. My dad had two brothers. Uncle Dick was the one who bragged about his naval WW2 service, which consisted of a few weeks of shore duty in the Philippines until we dropped the big ones on Japan. My Uncle John was a paratrooper who was dropped behind enemy lines on D-Day, basically a legitimate war hero, and I never heard him mention the war once. I know about it only because my dad told me.

        I told the entire Uncle Dick story here.

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