I thought this might be a pretty good flick – until I saw the “l” in “clock.”

By the way, the Devil’s Clock is an atomic clock that is never off by even a trillionth of a second. You know that Satan. He may be the father of lies and the prince of darkness, but he’a real stickler for punctuality, although he still keeps his old Timex around for nostalgia and comfort. An atomic clock is kinda cumbersome on the ol’ wrist.

Perhaps I am being unfair to ridicule this movie. Like other people, I lost track of many things in the first pandemic year of 2020, and I may have missed all the numerous awards and nominations for The Devil’s Clock.

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Beautiful French model Thylane Blondeau wearing a see through dress and pasties while attending the Grand Diner Trophée in Paris!

I don’t really know what the Grand Diner Trophée is, and I don’t speak French, but I think it would be properly translated as “The Ultimate Swanky Bullshit Event.”

.. although I did play on a softball team that won the Diner Trophy back in the 90s, and that wasn’t swanky at all. I played for Sloppy Joe’s Diner and we defeated Thirsty’s in the finals of the Diner League.

That said, she doesn’t seem to be wearing proper softball attire.