Although purported to be a mainstream movie, it’s basically a porn film.

Although porn films have more plot and better actresses.

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You can get the latest version of the Eric Roberts sex chair for about 28 grand, or maybe the AMAN SUITE AND SPA HOUSE EXPERIENCE – starting at forty grand for a one-night stay. There’s a “vintage” Ford Bronco for a quarter of a million dollars, or a luxury trip to New Zealand for $286,000. If you can’t afford New Zealand (you fucking peasant), you can always settle for the African safari, priced to sell at only $135,000.

If you’re a little tight on cash this holiday, maybe a $1200 Hermes box for dog toys will suit your obviously plebeian pocketbook. There is also a $400 leash and a $350 collar for your pooch.

I bought everything in the catalog. Just call me Uncle Goopy.

How could they possibly have seen that coming?

Here’s how I knew in advance that this could be a problem, and that I probably should not attend: the event is called “venom fest.”

Here’s a guideline for you:

Probably safe: jazz fest, folk fest, film fest, wine fest, Italian fest.

Probably avoid: venom fest, fist fest, guns and whisky fest


Maybe not.

We may not know which party will control the Senate until December.

The problem is that Tuesday’s winner in Georgia doesn’t necessarily get a Senate seat. Georgia law requires a run-off if neither candidate gets 50%, and that is a distinct possibility because Libertarian Chase Oliver has about 5% support and the other two guys are about tied.

People sometimes abandon third-party candidates on election day, but if a run-off is required, and if the Republicans are ahead 50-49 for the other seats, control of the Senate could all hinge on that one state, which would be the only one voting at that time! That would bring a three-ring circus and total chaos to Georgia.


Isn’t this where we came in?

Moreover, Brian Kemp is expected to clear the 50% hurdle in the gubernatorial election, so all the media focus would be on the senatorial contest. If that happens, it would mean another annoying month of political bullshit for everyone. Of course it won’t be anywhere near as annoying for us as it will be for Georgia residents, who will be bombarded with every possible form of Walker and Warnock advertising for another month. That should fill the coffers of all the media companies in Georgia. With so much at stake, the major parties will be competing to buy up every TV spot, every radio spot, every billboard, basically every bit of available advertising.