Soused Stepdad summarizes his reaction:

“The funny thing about Molly Sims is that I’ve heard people call Molly Sims their inspiration as a swimsuit model, not because they wanted to be swim models, but because they jerked off to them. I am not one of those people because I don’t jerk off to model bikini pics.

That’s what vacation pictures of people you know are for.

So unless Molly Sims is your friend’s mom, or your friend’s wife, or his sister, then there’s no point.”

But her lighting skills could use some work

She is truly a new type of celebrity for a new age. As far as I can see, almost her entire life (and therefore her entire claim to fame) exists online. I googled her, and the the top hits are: (1) Instagram; (2) Twitter; (3) TikTok; (4) OnlyFans; (5) Facebook. Finally, way down the page, is an IMDb listing that shows one credit. She played the challenging role of “esposa” (wife) in a 2015 Mexican film where none of the characters have a name. Instead of the good, the bad and the ugly, they are the dog, the devil and the wife. (And others.)

You can see her T&A pics here.

Comments and collages by Brainscan:

Escort Wife


The story behind Escort Wife is of a woman, played by Janelle Tee, who is desperate enough for some sexual healing that she uses her sleeping husband’s hand as a marital aid. Pretty sure I speak for all my fellow readers of Other Crap and the Funhouse that if I had woken up to the missus similarly engaged I would have leaned into it. But not Janelle’s hubby, no sireee. He prefers the services of a high-end escort, played by Ava Mendez (stage name is Sab Aggabao) who happens to live across the street. One illogical thing leads to several more and Janelle takes up the escort business, records her activities with other men and sends the videos to their wives and sweethearts. Revenge is a dish best served criminal, because that sort of shit in the US is called revenge porn and it will get you a dozen years in the pokey… per offense. So let’s wave goodbye to Janelle’s character for a good long while.

Escort Wife had lots of scenes of Janelle and Sab doing guys – often the same guy at different times – and of Janelle and Sab doing one another. You see many minutes to boobage, but very little tush and not a hint of more intimate regions. The lighting and camera work doesn’t follow the usual Philippine cinema rules of natural illumination and sharp focus for all scenes but it does not matter because things still look great.

This is one of the half-dozen projects finished by Janelle Tee and by Ava Mendez in this past year, but then that seems to be the way of things in the Philippines, where most of the exposure on the large screen and the small(er) one is by a group of no more than ten women. They are all strikingly beautiful, to be sure, and I for one hope that in 2023 they are just as active.

Janelle Tee

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Sab Aggabao (Ava Mendez)

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a bit of each

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