It is November 22

All good Americans know the significance of July 4, 1776 and December 7, 1941, but other than family birthdays and anniversaries, we boomers don’t have many of the dates of our own lifetimes memorized.

That said, just about every one of us knows two specific dates that have nothing to do with family milestones.

One is September 11, 2001.

The other is November 22, 1963. So long ago. So vivid still.

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6 thoughts on “It is November 22

  1. Friday, 4th grade at St. Patrick’s. The Principal, a nun, announced JFK had been shot and a few minutes later that he was dead. All the girls in class started to cry.

    Watched Lee Harvey Oswald get killed on live tv. 😮 Everyone was glued to their black and white tv the whole weekend.

    Nowadays Americans glance at their flat screen color tv as they watch another bloody massacre unfold across America. Digressing. And so it goes.

      1. Yes, it’s like the old saying: “Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.”

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