It was kind of a surprising week in college football

None of the top seven teams looked very impressive.

#1 Georgia scored only 16 against Kentucky, which is a mediocre 3-5 in the SEC.

#2 Ohio State was losing at halftime to Maryland, which is a mediocre 3-5 on the Big Ten.

#3 Michigan needed to stage a furious fourth quarter comeback to win by 2 against Illinois, which is a mediocre 4-4 in the Big Ten.

#4 TCU barely eked out a 29-28 win against Baylor, which is a mediocre 4-4 in the Big 12. To be fair, the practice of barely eking out victories seems to be what TCU does every week. That was their 7th consecutive win by 10 or fewer.

#5 Tennessee got slaughtered, allowing 63 points to South Carolina, which is now a mediocre 4-4 in the SEC.

#6 LSU played a jobber in order to pad their record with an easy win.

#7 USC allowed 45 points, barely escaping with a 48-45 victory.

So Tennessee seems to be totally out of the Final Four picture. If the other six continue to win except when they play each other, then the final four will be:

  • The winner of Michigan vs THE Ohio State next week.
  • The winner of LSU vs Georgia the following week.
  • USC.
  • TCU.

If any of those teams falter badly, Clemson and Oregon still have long-shot odds of sneaking in. Clemson pays off at 20-1 if you bet them to go all the way, while Oregon is up there at 55-1

4 thoughts on “It was kind of a surprising week in college football

  1. The Toronto Argonauts won the game 24-23. Some unforced errors because these aren’t NFL quality players after all, but an excellent and exciting game overall. The Argonauts had a field goal blocked with about 3 minutes left (the CFL has a 3 minute warning instead of the two minute warning, probably just to be different from the NFL), but when Winnipeg kicked their field goal attempt to win the game a couple minutes later, it was also blocked. With 40 seconds left, the Argonauts quarterback kneeled twice to run out the clock.

    Two points on this:
    1.The ‘Canadian player of the year’ (although he went to the U.S colleges) Nathan Rourke, was the B.C Lions starting quarterback. He’s trying out for the NFL and I’m pretty sure this will be a case of ‘you heard his name here first.’ He’s an excellent and exciting player.

    2.I’m not sure why it’s a ‘blue’ bomber, but the ‘bomber’ part is indeed an airplane (as, obviously, are the Winnipeg Jets in the NHL.) Winnipeg is the Chicago of Canada. Winnipeg is central in Canada, so, it’s the hub of the Canadian rail and air systems (and buses when Greyhound was around) and many airplanes and buses are made in Winnipeg. Boeing, which was once headquarted in Seattle, has been headquarterd in Chicago for years now.

  2. The CFL Grey Cup game is later today between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Toronto Argonauts. Winnipeg is going for the threepeat.

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