Monika Vovsa in Hell Mountain (1998)

This is a Czechsploitation film, aka Chained Heat 3, made in English with an international cast. There is a ton of nudity from Kate Rodger, Nicole Nieth and a bunch of Czechs.

According to IMDb, this is the only appearance where Monika was credited, although she also made a couple of uncredited appearances in the 1990s. She seems to have left the industry two decades ago, and there is little info available about her online.

The losses by USC and TCU made things complicated. I expected both of them to get axed, with Alabama and THE Ohio State University waiting in the wings. The committee obviously did not want the final four to contain only two conferences, and TCU had only one loss (compared to two for Alabama), so they left TCU in the dance, much to the relief of the other three coaches, who would much rather face TCU than Alabama. This worked out especially well for Michigan, since the committee decided to give TCU the third seed over THE, presumably so that conference rivals (Michigan and Ohio State) would not meet in the semi-finals.

That was a gift to Michigan. In a world with more justice than this one, they could be the #2 seed and Ohio State would be #3, meaning that the Wolverines could have a very rough road to the finals against a traditional rival seeking revenge. In this world, they are expected to have clear sailing through TCU, and have been installed as ten-point favorites, which is a big spread for a national semi-final.

You may think that fate smiled on the Wolverines, and you would be right. In fact, Michigan’s fate could have been much worse than a rematch with THE. Imagine if the computers decided the match-ups. For what it’s worth, Sagarin’s computer rankings list the top four as

1. Georgia
2. Ohio State
3. Alabama
4. Michigan

If the committee went by those rankings, Michigan would be approximately six-point underdogs in the semis instead of ten-point favorites.

So, yes, fate smiled on the Wolverines.

But let’s not forget that they were undefeated, and earned that smile.

The missionary also pulled a gun on the other guy! The confrontation ended with the holy man getting arrested, and others, including his children, being handcuffed. “Their journey through 17 states, where they passed out information about the gospel, ended with them in jail. The family bonded out of jail in Montana, but are required to wear ankle monitors at their home.”

Few people realize that Jesus, in his infinite mercy, occasionally had to kick some Pharisee ass when they disagreed with his teaching.

To me, the weirdest thing about this story is that the fight was over a parking space – in Montana. As I recall, the entire state is nothing but empty space, and there are maybe four cars. I think the sign on the border says “Welcome To Montana. Plenty Of Free Parking.”

“A European Union plan to throw a virtual party in the “metaverse” to engage young people in its policies flopped spectacularly after only six people turned up. The EU Commission’s foreign aid department splashed out $500,000 to create the metaverse – an online square where people could log in to a virtual concert to meet others and learn about the EU development policy.”

In Scoop parlance, it was a swanky bullshit dud, and I can’t understand it. Nobody could have guessed that development policy would fail to appeal to today’s kids. They love that shit!