Margot Robbie, flashing a breast in Babylon (opened today)

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8 thoughts on “Margot Robbie, flashing a breast in Babylon (opened today)

  1. Saw the movie last night. A fair bit of background nudity in the party scenes, but no extended nude shots. The long scene with Ms. Robbie in a sheer blouse was, however, wonderful. Attractive, talented woman.

    As for the movie itself, it seems to really leave people divided. Some think it is a hot mess and others a work of art. I have more of the ‘work of art’ reaction myself. I took me a while to get into the rhythm of the film, but once I just let it wash over me, I quite liked it (albeit there were some scenes I did not care for and it did drag a bit in parts). Loved, loved the music. Anyway, whether you like it or hate it, there is certainly a lot to see (and hear) – a real assault on the senses.

  2. The whole theme around this movie is how Hollywood is so wild and full of extreme debauchery, spotlighting hardcore sex and drug use. Margot Robbie’s character is an uninhibited out of control wild child. Yet Margot doesn’t even get naked in the film? The same Margot Robbie who has done full front nudity in the past? LAME!

  3. Looks like her tit, but the cut makes me suspect a double. I didn’t really care for the movie; a lot of background nudity but aside from this shot no star nudity. However, there was a long and wonderful scene of pokies through a sheer blouse of the wonder Ms. Robbie.

    1. Hmm… her hair is in the wrong position, so it’s definitely not the same shot. Just gotta determine whether it’s the same boob or not.

    2. It could be a double, but given that she has done prominent nude scenes before, and that the breast looks very much like hers does in other movies, I don’t see why they’d bother. More likely they just cut two takes together and decided to go for a zoomed in shot.

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