Celeb Stalker has really assembled just about every possible nude or near-nude picture of Elizabeth Hurley – film captures, paparazzi, red carpet, posed … you name it.

(His “megapack” is zipped into a gig of material at Rapidgator, but even if you’re not interested in that, just the ones on his site are worth a walk down memory lane. In addition to pics, the pack contains film clips from all her theatrical nudity. There’s even a 720p version of that timeless screen classic, Kill Cruise, as shown below.)

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I don’t remember this scene at all. Moreover, I don’t remember her or the show. I’m not the only one. The show has only 15 votes at IMDb, and none of those came from the “top one thousand” voters. Even at that small number, about half of those votes seem to have been cast by the creators, although I guess it’s possible that 53% of the voters felt it merited 10/10.

It’s possible, but unlikely, given that the corresponding number is 46% for Seinfeld and 46% for The West Wing.

IMDb reveals that there were only three episodes and that this one aired on October 2, 2011. The alleged broadcast schedule for the three episodes was extremely erratic. Episode two came almost two months later, and episode three another three months after that. Frankly, the low vote count makes me wonder whether it was ever really aired. IMDb was already the major source for TV and films in 2011, but nobody ever commented on this series.

The video quality of the clip is weak. Two samples below:

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