For years we have shared a few chuckles over Giant Pink Japanese Day, but very few of us are able to attend the festivities.

Well, wait no longer. The biggest, pinkest penis from the Japanese festival is going on tour! It appears that they may start celebrating Giant Pink Japanese Day in Ft. Lauderdale!

A couple of months ago, the city hosted a Christmas tree lighting ceremony as well as a Menorah Lighting Celebration. Those were religious celebrations promoted by government officials, suggesting that the public square was open to anyone who wanted to host a similar event.

Enter Chaz Stevens, a local activist known for seeing an opening and driving a monster truck through it. He asked the city earlier this month for permission to host an event of his own on April 2 in honor of Kanamara Matsuri, the Shinto “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”

Given that I have done more to promote this festival than any other American, I believe I should be the honorary grand poobah of this event, especially since it is a Shinto festival, and everyone always says I am full of Shinto. At least that’s what I think they are saying.

It’s not one of her more famous roles, but it is noteworthy in the history of celebrity nudity for two reasons:

(1) I believe this was her last nude scene. For reasons not known to me, she used a body double for her nudity in Shelter Island.

(2) I think this is the only topless scene she ever did after she got implants, so it’s your only chance to see a film where Patsy has large, bare breasts.

image host

She did pose for a topless spread in Arena magazine after she got her implants:

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She later admitted the implants were a mistake. She had them removed.

AKA “Midnight Caller”

Whitecaps wrote:

Since you posted Julia Duffy recently, fans of Newhart know that Julia Duffy was not the maid at the inn in the first season, but that Leslie played by Jennifer Holmes was. In the show, Julia Duffy’s Stephanie was Leslie’s cousin.

So, to complete the circle to make Darth Vader the master of Obi Wan, unfortunately this is standard definition, but this is Jennifer Holmes’ nude scene from the 1979/1981 film The Demon. I brightened the two darkest images.

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Also with a nude scene in the film is an attractive actress named Zoli Marki. I brightened the last image.

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Scoop’s notes: (1) I don’t recognize Zoli Marki, but she has a cult following. This tribute page calls her “the first lady of South African exploitation film.”

(2) These are the best images I’ve seen from this film. To my knowledge, it has never been on Blu-Ray, and I kinda doubt that it ever will be.