There’s a lot of speculation about his future, but Brady is saying nothing.

Will a guy with that much pride be willing to quit on a sour note?

Can he get up for another season?

Weird NFL stat: Dallas kicker Brett Maher missed four PATs in Monday’s game. To put that in perspective:

  • Matt Stover only missed three in his life – and he played in the NFL 19 years, suiting up for 297 regular season games and 16 more playoff games! At one point he made 469 in a row.
  • Rian Lindell missed only one PAT in 14 years (212 games) and made his first 321 attempts. He is the all-time leader in PAT% at 99.8%

I’m not sure of the cause of death, but I’m going to guess that she wasn’t killed trying to realize her dream of becoming an MMA champion. Kidding aside, she ran for office last year at an age when most people don’t think it’s worthwhile to start a long-playing record.

As usual, Variety did a good job on the obit.

David Letterman proposes to her:

As far as nudity goes – almost none. She was born too soon. The peak of her career was in Hollywood’s non-nude years (1935-62). She was already 40 in 1967, when nudity was becoming more commonplace in films.

She appeared in a see-thru in That Splendid November (1969)

And also appeared in the same outfit for a publicity still

image host

Director Rene Clair did sneak in a very brief peek at the top half of Gina’s butt in Les Belles de Nuit (1952) .

image host

(With the old fashioned-techniques on display, and a little bit of nudity, it’s hard to believe that’s a 1952 film. If I had just seen that frame without the context, I would have guessed no later than 1934, maybe even silent era.)

You may recognize the title from an acclaimed 2002 Spanish-language movie called El Crimen del Padre Amaro. It was nominated for the Oscar as the best foreign language film. It attracted special attention here because of some nudity from beautiful Ana-Claudia Talencon (immediately below).

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Although the story was about the 21st century travails of the Catholic Church, with particular emphasis on Mexico, the source of the story is neither modern nor in Spanish. It is an 1875 novel in Portuguese (O Crime do Padre Amaro). The story was later turned into A 2005 Portuguese film that had some box office success in Portugal, but attracted little notice elsewhere.

It is now being turned into a six-part Portuguese mini-series which will stay closer to the original story. There was some nudity in the first episode, but it is minimal: a poorly illuminated butt

image host image host

… and some side-boob.

The nature of the story does support nudity, so I am hoping for much more in future episodes. 23-year-old Barbara Branco is beautiful, and as you can see from the side shots below, her breasts are huge.

image host image host

She looks a little like young Phoebe Cates, but with the breasts of young Daddario.

Solomon Pena is our criminal mastermind o’ the day.

The master criminal and his hit men at work:

  • The guy he hired to shoot at a state senator was driving Pena’s car.
  • In the car were 800 fentanyl pills, the gun used in that shooting, plus shell casings associated with other shootings.
  • The car was stopped shortly after the shooting, only four miles away.
  • Peña had texted the others with addresses where he wanted gunfire to erupt.

“Albuquerque police announced the arrest of Solomon Peña on Monday. He had expressed anger over his November loss and alleged that election fraud played a role, police said.”

These things make the story even more interesting:

1. His election loss wasn’t a nail-biter. He lost the election by about 3,600 votes – in a district where only about 7,600 votes were cast! He got only 26% of the votes, and nobody in his party has ever done much better in that district.

2. It’s difficult to imagine that he even got his 2,000 votes, given that he has previously been convicted of 19 felonies and spent seven years in the calaboose.

3. But I suppose he got a certain number of protest votes, give that the guy he ran against is a complete moron (who happens to be in a safe district that always votes 75% D).

Mr Pena:

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There are about ten female celebrities who are supposed to be hot, but whose appeal escapes me. Bella is one of those. In her case there may be the largest gap between the hype and (my) reality, because she has been touted as the world’s most beautiful woman. Sure, she has a nice figure which looks good in lingerie, but there are many stars and models with shapes just as good or better. And her face does nothing for me. I don’t even find her the most beautiful woman in her family, let alone the world.

Off the top of my head, I’d also place Millie Bobby Brown and Victoria Beckham in my “I don’t get it” club.

And while I think Emma Watson is really cute, I don’t get why some guys go ga-ga over her. Monica Bellucci, she ain’t. It must be because she grew up before our eyes. I guess Millie Bobby possesses that same mystique.

Which beauties don’t do it for you?