Rolen earned 76.3% of the votes from submitted ballots, just barely enough.

I’m ambivalent about this selection.

  • The six most comparable players are not in.
  • Rolen has ZERO black ink (never led the league in anything), compared to a score of 27 for an average Hall of Famer.
  • He has a gray ink score of 27 (meaning he was rarely among the leaders), compared to a gray ink score of 144 for an average Hall of Famer.
  • In 17 years in the majors, he was only in the top ten in the MVP balloting one time.

On the other hand, he did put in a lot of solid years, was an excellent fielder, and his lifetime WAR of 70 is HOF caliber, ahead of many current solid HoFers, including (for example) Ernie Banks.

So whether he belongs depends on whether you think the primary criterion should be superstardom at his peak, or the total value of his career.