Stephanie Shuford: excellent nudity in Dreams Come True (1984)

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Captures by Whitecaps. His comments:

“Strange film from Troma that seems to be a cross of a children’s fantasy of astral projection (out of body experience) mixed with soft core porn scenes. According to IMDB, this is Stephanie Shuford’s only film.”

Larger gallery here.

2 thoughts on “Stephanie Shuford: excellent nudity in Dreams Come True (1984)

  1. I remember this movie from my teens, for two reasons:

    1. The nudity.
    2. I saw this movie while I was on holiday, a there’s a point where the two main characters watch a clip from the horror movie “The Children”. As a fifteen year old who was into horror, I really wanted to know what movie the clip was from, but that was before the days of easy access to the internet. For the next few years, every time I was in a video store I tried to find either movie, without success. I eventually saw “The Children” and recognized the scene, but couldn’t figure out the name of the movie I saw the clip in until I saw this post, over thirty years later.

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