House Red was filmed in 2018 and aired at the British Independent Film Festival in 2019, but not released until November, 2022. I’m not sure of the precise issues that delayed its release.

Nudity report:


There was a brief nude scene from Natasha Henstridge, then in her mid 40s, but she’s far from the camera for the rear shot, and her nipple is almost fully hidden in the out-of-focus topless shot.

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There is quite a bit of flesh in House Red from Debbie Campbell, a British model/actress also known as Debbie Atter or Debbie C.

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One commenter pointed out that Debbie seemed to be tied up fully naked in the original red-band trailer, including a brief bit of full-frontal nudity.

That may or may not be an illusion created by the extreme darkness of that trailer. I can’t tell, but she might be wearing a thong.

Or she may be totally naked.

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But there is no doubt that the scene has been altered since that R-rated trailer was posted. Here is the final version:

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Clara Paget had plenty of scenes where nudity would have been appropriate. She took a shower and a bath, was undressed in the pool, and was in bed several times with her beau, but she never exposed a thing.

Paget seems to have a strict no-nudity policy. She never exposed anything on Black Sails, for example, even though she played a raunchy pirate in a show otherwise filled with bare flesh. She was in some scenes in that show where her body parts would have been exposed, but the director avoided that with camera angles. The one time Paget’s character did show something on Black Sails, the nudity was performed by a body double.

Bottom line: the closest Lady Paget came to nudity in House Red was a downblouse.

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Elsewhere in the film she did look great in a bikini.