Madeline Zima topless in season one of Californication

Another Tuna retrospective.

Some of the later seasons of Californication were a-ight, I guess, but that first season was such a pleasure to watch – sexy, literate, well acted and funny, wrapped up by a feel-good Hollywood ending.

One of the nicest things to watch was Ms. Zima:

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6 thoughts on “Madeline Zima topless in season one of Californication

  1. The little girl from “The Nanny” filled out nicely. I see she has 2 younger sisters in the biz, anything from them?

    1. No nudity that I know of.

      The youngest sister, Yvonne, appeared in a bikini at age 18 in The Stoned Age.

      image host

      And looked very different when she showed a lot of cleavage in The Nice Guys, at age 27 or so.

      image host

    2. The middle sister, Vanessa, was also in The Stoned Age DVD with her sisters

      image host

      Thirteen years later, in 2020, she may have had a minimal areola-slip in Killer Weekend.

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      1. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t do the traditional younger sister thing and want to emulate their big sister.

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