Here’s the deal.

I just spent the past week flat on my back in a hospital.

To make the story as short as possible:

After a gazillion tests, bloodworks, ultrasounds and other internal organ studies, it turned out that my left kidney was about 40% larger than it should be. The explanation for this is that it had became an in-only organ instead of an in-and-out. There was a blockage between the kidney and bladder.

Given my rapidly deteriorating condition, the urologist didn’t have time to determine the source of the blockage, so he did emergency surgery to create a new opening between kidney and bladder, which almost immediately caused a flood of backed-up fluid to rush into the bladder.

Good news, bad news and unknown:

  • Good news: kidney failure avoided, urine flow restored
  • Bad news: the new fluid into the bladder caused a resurgence of the bacterial infection. I am still dealing with this.
  • Unknown: what was the blockage that caused the left kidney to stop draining? The urologist will have to determine this. It could be as simple as a kidney stone, or it could be a disease in the kidney. Time will determine this. Since I am currently experiencing rapid weight gain on a zero-calorie diet, the specter of kidney disease seems to be lurking ominously above me

In terms of the site: I don’t believe the Fun House will receive any further updates after 27 solid years. I had a good run. If you have a re-billing sub, I suggest you cancel it unless you want ongoing access to the archives. I will leave everything else in the pay site intact, but will seek a buyer for it. Of all my domains, I will retain only, (movies), and (baseball).

(You can make an offer for them if you are interested.)

I have a backlog of material from brainscan, penman, oz and aesthete. The former three will just finish off in Other Crap (sooner or later, probably later). Aesthete will have to publish his brilliant videos elsewhere.

Some online sources you should look for:

Johnny Moronic. It’s unbelievable how much material can be created and hosted by one man, much of it unique to his site. GREAT site.

Hot Celebs Home. He is always on top of the everyday matters of pop culture, and is very thorough in his approach.

The Nip-Slip. Self-explanatory.

Popoholic – great friend of Other Crap, and the world’s biggest fan of female celebrities. Not much nudity on his site, but it’s always sexy and upbeat. He’s not currently updating, for reasons unknown to me.

Drunken Stepfather. The internet’s bad boy. This is a guilty pleasure site for me, but others find his negative energy to be a turn-off. (He writes in a character voice.) He’s incredibly prolific, especially with his themed, non-celeb material. He obviously lives on a planet with longer days than hours.

Thank you, my online friends, and Sayonara.