Jamie Lee Curtis topless in Trading Places (1983)

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14 thoughts on “Jamie Lee Curtis topless in Trading Places (1983)

  1. I was watching Everything Everywhere and I had NO clue it was her under all that bullshit until I hit pause and Prime Video did that thing where it tells you who all is in the scene.

    1. Same here. I watched the film the day before the Oscars because I kept hearing how good it was. But I hadn’t paid much attention to who was nominated. I didn’t realize Jamie Lee Curtis was in the movie until I saw her name in the credits at the end. When I saw her name, I immediately knew who she had to be playing. But I had to rewind to see if it was really her. I think she deserved her Oscar, if for no other reason, than the way her character was nothing like Jamie Lee Curtis, and not because of makeup or prosthetics (hot dog fingers aside). Brendan Fraser was much more recognizable under 100 lbs of latex. I was very happy that she won. I think the Oscar was well deserved.

  2. Her scene in Trading Places and Phebe Cates in Fast Times are the most memorable topless scenes for a generation. The impact was much greater than today as there wasn’t the internet and 24/7 easy access nudity.
    guys of my generation, in the midwest at least, would watch scrambled cable in the hopes a boob or even a nipple would flash by unscrambled.

  3. I wonder if she knew she had such perfect breasts before doing that scene, or if it was only after hearing the reaction to that scene that made her realize her breasts were in a class by themselves?

    I also wonder how many guys just flat out told her she had great tits? I mean guys who only saw them on the screen, not men she may have been intimate with?

    1. I think she had a pretty good idea. Before this she had worn very sexy skin-tight outfits on Buck Rogers, wore a bra in Prom Night giving a glimpse of what she had and portrayed Dorothy Stratten in a movie. In ’83 and ’84 she was nude in 3 different movies. I think she just realized this was the time to unleash what she had on the world. Her career took off from there.

  4. An absolute master class in on screen nudity. A Christmas Eve tradition for sure!

  5. Possibly the finest set of breasts ever committed to celluloid. Watching Trading Places for the first time kick-started my puberty.

    1. I saw it in a theater. I have never forgotten that the audience issued a collective “gasp!” when she exposed those breasts.

      I can’t remember ever experiencing something similar in a movie theater.

      1. Was in the USN and a friend mentioned Jamie Lee showed her tits in Trading Places sooo … Didn’t see many movies at the theater back then. Too busy dubbing VHS movies and nude scenes. 😮 <<>>

      2. Kudos to her, but her butt shot in Love Letters was the real deal for this ass man

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