Sydney Sweeney nip-slip

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8 thoughts on “Sydney Sweeney nip-slip

  1. As she came to fame for getting her tits out why all the excitement
    for part of a nipple.

  2. Does anyone know the name of the woman in the photos with Sydney on the beach in Sydney?

    1. Based on her only “in production” work which, according to imdb, is being filmed in Sydney, I would have to guess that it is from the upcoming “Untitled Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell/Sony Pictures Project”. The actress involved who most resembles Sydney’s sidekick in the pics would be Hadley Robinson.

      1. Since Sydney is starring in a movie that takes place in Sydney, I think the appropriate title would be The Uncle’s Cousin’s Brother’s Nephew’s College Roomate. Either that or Sydney.

  3. At least we don’t have to feel too guilty that she’d be devastated by embarrassment.

  4. I’m surprised. I was just assuming that in Sydney’s case, a “nip slip” meant her nipples were accidentally NOT exposed!

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