Dawn Eason

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Jeannie Millar

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Paige Adams

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The stills are taken from Johnny Moronic’s film clips, which can be found here. He reviewed the film as follows:

“Facade is a movie I remember seeing on video shelves back in the day, but never got around to the watching, possibly because I thought it was too B-grade. It looked like a typical 90s thriller. Having just watched it, I found that it’s a movie that very much of the 90s, a Tarantino-type plot structure where a whole group of people’s stories interact eventually, but it’s not much of a thriller. It’s more of a weird comedy before it hits the last third, where the movie becomes so ridiculous that it stops making sense, finally coming to an obvious conclusion that turns the film into something near impossible to describe.

There are so many wacky characters in this movie, and it makes little sense as to why they are there. A sexy nun (Dawn Eason) just walks into Eric Roberts and they interact for a while. Most of the time she lolls around naked/semi-naked. Angus MacFadyen plays some sort of shady middle-man who gets arrested and then starts impersonating Napoleon. He has an assistant played by Patricia Velasquez and I can’t figure out what she was doing there.

There’s the usual 90s hitman plot thrown in for good measure, which is probably the best and most understandable part of the movie. Otherwise, I’m at a loss as to what it’s all about. It loses the plot and seems quite happy with doing so.”