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Film clips from Johnny Moronic here.

Johnny’s comments:

“1MC: Something of Vengeance is a 2010 exploitation revenge thriller wherein Sarah (Liliya May) arrives back in Australia from Russia after she and her mother fled their horrible family. She is back to get revenge on the family that destroyed her and her mentally disabled twin brother Billy (James Saivanidis), who was left behind and tortured by the family. One-by-one Sarah kills members of the incestuous family before setting up for a final showdown with the remaining members.

That’s pretty much it except for some asides that act as social satire and don’t really work with the ugly nature of the rest of the movie. The movie is pretty basic and quite nasty at times, particularly from the patriarch John (Laurence Coy) who has no problems raping his own family members or just bashing someone ‘for a laugh’. He’s quite menacing and so is his brother played by Terry Serio, and they strangely seem to a have a very close incestuous relationship with one another. Apart from that the movie is fairly amateurish in plotting and story. Sarah isn’t given much more to do than look good while getting fairly basic revenge on her horrible family with bizarre weapons. Not a great movie but at least it tries something different with the family relationship.

There is a little bit of nudity from the only two actresses of consequence in the movie. Liliya May has done a bit of acting in Russian stuff and has a brief side-boob scene in the Australian movie ‘Any Questions for Ben?’ where she plays a temperamental Russian tennis player. (Rachael Taylor also has a nude scene in that movie). Strangely, some actors with small roles in the movie went on to have decent careers overseas, like Meegan Warner and Callan McAuliffe, who both appear in an ill-judged 50s sitcom parody.”