“Giant gold genitals erected at Buddhist temple”

While I have to give props to the headline writer for his choice of verbs, I have to note that same choice is misleading because the genitals in question are female. It’s the Giant Gold Thai Vulva, not to be confused with the Giant Pink Japanese Penis.

Not to be outdone by the headline creator, the staff writer referred to the gilded gash as a “holey” site.

One thought on ““Giant gold genitals erected at Buddhist temple”

  1. The New York Post has a long history of awesome headlines. Back in the 80s, Tim Kazurinsky did “Salutes to Journalism” on SNL’s Weekend Update. The whole bit consisted of him holding up the front page of issues of the NY Post and reading the headline. One of those issues had perhaps the most famous NY Post headline of all time: “Headless Body In Topless Bar.”

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