Tom Cruise is nuts

He’s not the greatest actor in film history, but he may just be the greatest stunt man.

4 thoughts on “Tom Cruise is nuts

  1. Cruise is an incredibly egotistical asshole, but on this stuff you can’t fault his professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication.

    Granted, if he was an “ordinary” stuntman, there wouldn’t be the same attention and resource expenditure (or publicity) given.

    But he’s maybe the only actor (and maybe even stuntman) at his age who would ever attempt this. Are they able to get insurance for him?

    1. Just curious, does anyone know how old The Shat was when he quit doing stunts?

  2. Hardly.

    He’s the best at showing off when he does certain high profile stunts.

    Faceless, nameless stunt people are doing actual dangerous shit day in and day out all across the world, they just don’t get featurettes feeding their egos like Shorty McCulterson.

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