An advance look at Scarlett Johansson nude in Asteroid City (2023)

It’s a poor-quality screen grab.

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Some people say this is a body double, and that Wes Anderson admitted that in a Q&A. In rebuttal, others point to ScarJo’s own comments about the scene.

12 thoughts on “An advance look at Scarlett Johansson nude in Asteroid City (2023)

  1. It looks a great deal like the naked Scarlett from Under the Skin. Could be cgi, not a double

    1. Which “it”? Yes, the rear-view legs in our foreground resembles Scarlett’s that we saw before. The blurry “mirror” image also has similar looking boobs & overall figure. Those legs, less clearly so. Still, actual identities of the near & “mirror” bodies are both up for grabs—ie, very much in doubt. For that, I think we’ll need much clearer evidence than what seems to be in the film.

      1. It’s possible that Scarlett did do the scene, but then Wes reshot it with a double without telling her.
        Such things happen.

  2. Is Hollywood trying to get our attention? Are they finally tired of their stock prices plummeting?

  3. Jebus two times. Hollywood’s getting it right all of a sudden. Two A listers going yard, we’ll need a new oscar category.

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